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Diversion and Prevention

The Homelessness Diversion Pilot Program is designed to successfully prevent, divert, and rapidly exit individuals/households from the homeless response system.

A maximum of $2,500 per family can be used for the entirety of the Diversion and Prevention program.

Diversion is an intensive service intervention that uses strengths-based problem-solving to:

  • understand what caused the housing crisis 
  • empower clients to find immediate alternate housing
  • prevent clients from losing their housing
  • end the experience of homelessness as quickly as possible

Effective diversion interventions are used to:

  • negotiate a return to previous housing
  • secure short-term, non-shelter accommodations
  • secure accommodations in apartments or homes
  • return clients to family for housing support
  • connect clients with services to help them secure stable housing
  • connect clients with financial assistance, not to exceed $2,500 per household, to help them secure stable housing

Diversion interventions may include:

  • short-term financial assistance paid to third parties on behalf of the client; including rental and utilities assistance, relocation/moving costs, and transportation costs
  • problem-solving case management services; including mediation with landlords and families, referrals to legal assistance, family reunification, and crisis housing search

The Diversion Pilot Program will serve individuals or families who: 

  • are at-risk of becoming homeless
  • meet the HUD or McKinney-Vento deefinition of homeless
  • have a household income of 60% or below of the Area Median Income

Complete PH’s Prescreen

To apply for the Diversion and Prevention program, please complete a Housing Prescreen.

Additional documentation may be requested to verify eligibility.