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New Community Board Member’s Bio

Jessika Joyner
Jessika Joyner is currently an intake Coordinator for The Bair Foundation.  She has numerous years of volunteer services as well as experience in community assistance.  Jessica would like to serve on the Passage Home Board to bring the lived transitional experience of what it looks like to seek housing in Raleigh, NC in 2021 to the table.

Cortina Clarkson
Cortina Clarkson is currently Business Operations Manager for Cisco Systems, Inc.  For several years, I have been actively engaged in give back opportunities with Passage Home in which I am afforded the opportunity to understand the mission and goals of service.  I enjoy working with both the Passage Home staff as well as the community which is served.  I believe in Passage Home’s vision and would like to chance to serve on a greater level.  As a member of the board, I would gain additional insight to the inner operations and provide a strategic viewpoint for increasing presence, awareness, and engagement in Wake County.