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Series 1: Housing

The basic needs of all of us need to be met before we are able to focus on any long-term growth. Food, safety, belonging, and shelter must be stable before discussing education, employment, and self-sufficiency.

Passage Home utilizes a Housing First approach to all of our case management. In short, we want the families we work with to have the security and peace of mind a stable home creates, before focusing our strategies on longer-term results.

We have several programs focused on housing including diversion, prevention, and rapid rehousing. We work with individuals and families–including Veterans–who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

There is no guarantee that Passage Home will be able to help all that apply but to increase your chances, please follow these three steps

Complete PH’s Prescreen

To apply for the Diversion and Prevention program, please complete a Housing Prescreen.

Additional documentation may be requested to verify eligibility.