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Our Services 2023

The goal for all of Passage Home’s programs is to support clients and families in reaching self-sufficiency. Self-Sufficiency as defined by Passage Home is one’s ability to maintain basic needs for themselves and/or their family without short-term assistance from any outside parties.  

In 2023, Passage Home refined its model to institute a more definitive process of progressive engagement. Our refined model includes a series of programs to serve a client based on their immediate needs and understands that basic needs need to be met before focusing on long-term self-sufficiency.

  • Series 1: Housing and Emergency Services – First, we establish a strong family foundation by ensuring a family’s basic needs are met (housing, food, safety)
  • Series 2: Youth and Family – We assist clients who have established stable housing and need assistance addressing long-term stability goals such as expungement, credit repair, childcare support, etc.
  • Series 3: Workforce Development – Once we develop or establish the foundation and remove barriers, we help our clients attain self-sufficiency by supporting them up the economic ladder through workforce skills training and support. 

All program participants must live in Wake County and meet grant-related income qualifications. Please visit our Who We Serve page to learn more about our clients.