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At Passage Home, we seek to break the cycle of poverty for the communities we serve in Wake County, one family at a time. As you can imagine, our work gives us the privilege of experiencing stories of restoration on a daily basis.

This may be why we love the themes of hope and restoration that come along with Easter. In preparation for Easter, many people choose to give something up for lent, but why not choose to give instead?

We invite you to make this Easter an Occasion to Give by sponsoring one of our Boost Workforce Development Program participants. This three-week course provides participants with soft-skills training, including resume building, interview skills and other employment tactics.

The ultimate goal of the program is to equip participants to take the next steps towards self-sufficiency. This can include gaining employment, completing one of our partnering organization’s referral programs or entering a GED or High School Diploma program.

Give a boost this Easter, and restore a life through our BOOST Workforce Development Program.

Consider giving one of the following donation amounts:

$29 for one day of BOOST
$142 for one week of BOOST
$426 for the full three-weeks of BOOST

Meet Deborah…

Just a few weeks ago, she was ready to give up on herself.

She was coming out of an abusive relationship and had no idea where to turn. But after a friend recommended that she enroll in our BOOST Workforce Development Program, she found the hope she needed to believe in herself again.

“Passage Home literally took me under their wings, nurtured me and helped me get out of a terrible situation,” Deborah said. “The program helped me to get more creative in my job search, opting for face-to-face interaction instead of applying for jobs online or over the phone.”

Deborah is now celebrating her recent employment at the Hampton Inn on Wake Forest Road, which she directly attributes to BOOST.

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