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To break the cycle of poverty and create multi-generational self-sufficiency for the individuals and families of Wake County by helping them achieve housing and income security.


To become a leading voice in a collaborative effort to address poverty and its causes. Passage Home focuses resources to assist income-challenged individuals in acquiring relevant skills and knowledge, improving access to opportunities, and promoting economic prosperity.



Passage Home is committed to evaluating the systemic causes of each to break the cycle of poverty and trauma. Passage Home’s internal and external practices will operate with a Social Justice lens.


The causes of poverty are complex. There are no easy answers. Passage Home is committed to implementing, evaluating, and modifying all anti-poverty efforts. Passage Home will remain an agile organization using the most relevant and accessible information to inform its operations.


We promise to give our constituents a platform and a voice for subjects important to them. We promise to use our platform to encourage increased societal understanding of the complexities of poverty and elicit positive change.


Passage Home will embody a collaborative spirit. Staff members will work alongside their clients as they help overcome barriers to stable housing and income; staff members will work with each other for stronger solutions; the entire Passage Home team will share their resources, knowledge, and time to achieve our mission; and the organization will work with community partners to achieve collective and sustainable impact.


Passage Home Staff and volunteers will assume that any individual (client, constituent, vendor, partner, etc.) we come in contact with is more likely than not to have a history of trauma. We will treat everyone with compassion and understanding and emphasize respect and appropriate response to the effects of trauma at all levels.


Passage Home invests in the community, our staff, constituents, and clients. We firmly believe that by investing in all aspects of our organizations, we will foster growth that will result in a long-term societal gain. We also invest in our staff and volunteers’ social, emotional, and professional growth and anticipate they will do the same for our clients.